ISO 10008 B2C ECT Requirements

This course aims to provide delegates with the knowledge and skills required to understand business-to-consumer electronic commerce transactions customer satisfaction

Assessment: MCQ-based Assessment to Pass the Course and obtain your qualification of requirements and documentation ISO 10008



KNOWLEDGE REFRESHER (PRINCIPALS/ commitment, Capacity, Competence, Suitability, Accuracy, Transparency, Accessibility, Responsiveness, Consent, Fairness, Accountability, Legality, Privacy, Security, Integration, Improvement)

KNOWLEDGE REFRESHER (Single-phase processes, Multi-phase processes)

KNOWLEDGE REFRESHER SINGLE PHASE PROCESSES ( 1-Pre-transaction phase, 2-In-transaction phase, 3-Post-transaction phase.)

KNOWLEDGE REFRESHER PRE-TRANSACTION PHASE(1-1Content creation, 1-2Content delivery, 1-3Content governance.)

KNOWLEDGE REFRESHER IN-TRANSACTION PHASE (In-Transaction Phase/ 2-1Initial selection support, 2-2Consumer identification, 2-3Final quote, 2-4Payment selection support, 2-5Payment authorization, 2-6Order confirmation.)

KNOWLEDGE REFRESHER POST TRANSACTION PHASE(3-1Delivery, 3-2Correction, 3-3Return and exchange.)

KNOWLEDGE REFRESHER MULTI PHASE PROCESSES(Consumer interaction/B2C ECT code, Consumer support, Complaints handling and external dispute resolution, Feedback handling.)

KNOWLEDGE REFRESHER (Multi-Phase Processes: Consumer data management/ Security, Privacy.)