IOSH Managing Safety V 5.0

1. Course Title


2. Course Content

Module 1: Introduction

• Why it is important to manage safely.

• What your role in influencing managing safely is.

Module 2: Assessing Risks

• What a risk is.

• What a risk assessment is.

• How a risk assessment is carried out.

Module 3: Controlling Risks

• How to reduce risks.

• How to decide which risk control to use.

Module 4: Understanding Responsibilities

• What the law requires you to do.

• How the law works.

• What are the key elements of a health and safety management system are.

Module 5: Understanding Hazards

• What common hazards are.

• What you can do about common hazards.

Module 6: Investigating Incidents

• Why incidents are investigated.

• Why incidents happen.

• How to carry out an incident investigation.

Module 7: Measuring Performance

• What performance measurement is about.

• How to measure health and safety performance.