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ISO 56002 guides the organization to determine its innovation vision, strategy, policy, and objectives, and to establish the support and processes needed to achieve the intended outcomes.

An innovation management system is a set of interconnected and interacting pieces aimed towards the value creation. It provides a standard framework for developing and deploying innovative capabilities, evaluating performance, and achieving desired goals. The elements can be gradually implemented to establish the system based on the specific environment and conditions of the company. When the business implements all of the parts of the innovation management system, the organization will reap the full advantages.

Innovation management principles

An innovation management principle includes a statement of the principle, a rationale of why the principle is important for the organization, some examples of benefits associated with the principle, and finally examples of actions the organization can take to improve performance when applying the principle.

Realization of value,

Future-focused leaders,

Strategic direction,


Exploiting insights,

Managing uncertainty,


Systems approach.


Increased ability to manage uncertainty,

Increased growth, revenues, profitability, and competitiveness,

Reduced costs and waste, and increased productivity and resource efficiency,

Improved sustainability and resilience,

Increased satisfaction of users, customers, citizens, and other interested parties,

Sustained renewal of the portfolio of offerings,

Engaged and empowered people in the organization,

Increased ability to attract partners, collaborators, and funding,

Enhanced reputation and valuation of the organization,

Facilitated compliance with regulations and other relevant requirements.

  ACS USA has designed innovation management system training and consultancy courses for organizations. Organizations can be audited and certified according to innovation management system requirements ISO 56002 and obtain ACS USA compliance certificate.

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