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The main standard for welding quality requirements and auditing and certification is ISO 3834-2:2021.This standard and ISO 3834-1:2021-ISO 3834-5:2021 are base for auditing of welding quality certification. ISO 3834-2:2021 defines comprehensive quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials both in workshops and on field installation sites, whereas ISO 3834-1 defines criteria for selecting the appropriate level of quality requirements and ISO 3834-5 defines documents that must be conformed to in order to claim conformity to ISO 3834-2 quality requirements.


1-Review of requirements and technical review

The manufacturer does a requirements evaluation to ensure that the work content is within its capabilities to accomplish, that adequate resources are available to meet delivery deadlines, and that documentation is clear and precise.


When a manufacturer wants to employ subcontracted services or activities, the manufacturer must provide the subcontractor with the information required to fulfil the applicable standards.

3-Welders and welding operators/Welding quality coordination personnel/ Non-destructive testing personnel

Welders and welding operator must pass an appropriate test in accordance with the standards outlined in ISO 3834-5:2021. The individual in charge of quality monitoring and measurements should be qualified.

4-Production and test equipment/Description of production equipment/Suitability of equipment/New equipment/Maintenance of equipment/Calibration

All equipment must be available and in excellent working order at all times. The equipment must be suitable for the application. The manufacturer must have written plans for measurement, inspection, or test equipment maintenance, as well as calibration or validation.

5-Welding and related activities

The manufacturer shall carry out adequate production planning and prepare the welding procedure specification(s), WPS,The manufacturer may use the welding procedure specification directly for instruction purposes and welding procedure qualification records, WPQR, should be prepared and kept. Identification and traceability shall be maintained throughout the manufacturing process.

6-Welding consumables/Storage of parent materials/Post-weld heat treatment

ISO 3834-2 requires that "Responsibilities and procedures for control of welding consumables shall be specified. Batch testing of welding consumables shall be required only if specified. The manufacturer shall produce and implement procedures for storage, handling, identification and use of welding consumable".

7-Inspection, testing and Non-conformity and corrective actions

ISO 3834-2 requires that "Inspections and tests shall be implemented in the manufacturing process to assure conformity with contract requirements. Measures shall be implemented to control items or activities which do not conform to specified requirements in order to prevent their inadvertent acceptance".


ACS USA has been recognized as a pool of international auditors and inspectors who all are qualified by international welding engineers(IWE) and approved by TWI England, DVS Germany.

Our inspector approved to carry out Visual inspections, radiographic, ultrasonic tests, penetrating test, preparation of welding instructions and approvals (PQR & WPS) for welding fittings, preparation of quality instructions for construction (QC Plan), preparation of ITP for steel structures, and preparation of Folder Inspection and quality control of welded joints.

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