ISO 29994:2021



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This standard outlines the standards for distant learning services provided outside of formal schooling, including all sorts of life-long learning (e.g. vocational training and in-company training, either outsourced or in-house). These include any distance learning services offered by a distance learning service provider (DLSP) to learners as well as sponsors who purchase the services on their behalf.

The fundamental characteristics of these types of services are that the learning goals are established, the services are assessed, and they involve interaction with the learner. In circumstances when the remote learning service provider is part of a larger business that provides other items such as goods and services in terms of learning services, this standard solely applies to learning services.

ISO 29994 is not intended for schools, colleges, or universities that offer distance learning as part of their official education services.

Specific standards for distant learning services are specified in ISO 29994. This standard sought to increase openness and credibility of distance learning services, to safeguard customers by avoiding unfair practices, and to improve the quality of distance learning services for all parties involved. This standard's structure represents a particular series of experiences of learners and sponsors in archetypal distant learning services. To guarantee consistent delivery of distant learning services, distance learning service providers (DLSP) can adopt ISO 29994 t and ISO 29993.

Fast review on some definitions:

1-Distance learning services are described as a series of activities meant to facilitate learning that are offered when learners and facilitators are separated by time, place, or both. EXAMPLE Correspondence courses, digital learning, online learning, and mobile learning are all options.

2-Distance learning service provider (DLSP) is defined as an organisation or individual who provides distance learning services, including any associates participating in the provision of the distance learning services.

3-Curriculum:course of study prepared by the distance learning service provider which describes the aims, content, learning outcomes, learning and teaching methods, the amount of time required and assessment processes

4-Before providing distance learning services, trained employees, technology-based tools, or both should examine the learning demands to provide learning services within the defined scope. When learning occurs through a technology interface, DLSP must analyze the learner's technological environment, such as the tools and material the learner has access to, as well as the learner's technical literacy.



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