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Compliance Management Systems (CMS)

ISO 19600 specifies guidelines and recommended practices for Compliance Management Systems (CMS). This standard's advice is designed to be adaptive, and its application will vary based on the size and maturity of an organization's compliance management system, as well as the context, scope, and complexity of the organization's operations, including its conformity policy and objectives. This standard can be used in combined with advances management system standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 22000, as well as generic guidelines such as ISO 31000 and ISO 26000.

Organizations that want to be successful in the long run must maintain a culture of integrity and compliance while also taking into account the requirements and expectations of stakeholders. As a result, integrity and compliance are not only the foundation, but also an opportunity for a viable and effective firm. Compliance is the result of a company satisfying its commitments, and it is made sustainable by embedding it in the firm's culture as well as the conduct and attitude of those who work for it. While keeping its independence, compliance management is ideal if it is linked with the organization's financial, risk, quality, environmental, health, and safety management processes, as well as its operational conditions and procedures.

An effective, enterprise-wide compliance management system helps a company to illustrate its responsibility to comply with relevant laws, such as legislative requirements, industry regulations, and corporate standards, and also norms of good corporate governance, best practices, ethics, and community expectations.

The main principles of good governance are:

1-Direct access of the compliance function to the governing body,

2-Independence of the compliance function,

3-Appropriate authority and adequate resources allocated to the compliance function.

CMS training and consultation courses have been developed by ACS Certification for organizations.

Organizations can be audited and certified in accordance with the Compliance Management Systems standards (CMS)ISO 19600 and get the CMS award certificate from ACS Certification.

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