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ISO 14006 is a guideline for enterprises to use in creating, documenting, implementing, maintaining, and continuously improving their eco-design management as part of an environmental management system (EMS). This guideline is intended for companies that have established an EMS in accordance with ISO 14001, but it may also be used to integrate eco-design into other management systems. ISO 14006 pertains to any organization, regardless of its kind, size, or product(s) delivered, and it is concerned with product-related environmental characteristics and activities that an organization may manage and influence.

Organizations are realizing the need to prevent negative impacts on the environment from their goods as well as the necessity to include environmental issues into design and development through the use of life cycle thinking. This is commonly referred to as "Eco-design." Instead of Eco-design, alternative terminology like design for environment (DfE), environmentally conscious design (ECD), ecologically sustainable design, and green design are used. Eco-design requires a life cycle perspective. The examination of environmental elements relevant to a product across its full life cycle is referred to as life cycle thinking. This entails taking into account a series of interconnected steps, such as material procurement, design and development, production, delivery, and installation, usage (including reuse, maintenance, repair, remanufacturing, refurbishing, and upgrading), end-of-life treatment, and disposal..

According to ISO 9001, the company must define, execute, and manage a design and development process. ISO 9001 requires organizations to limit the phases and processes for design and development when planning design and development. Eco-design should be an element of all design and development plans. The company should specifically decide how environmental factors, including risks and opportunities, are addressed. Environmental criteria should be applied during the review, verification, and validation processes. They should be included in the environmental obligations of design and development.

ACS has designed training and consultancy Eco-design courses for manufacturing and service industries.


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ISO 14006 Training - 1

 - ACS

ISO 14001 – Lead Auditor

This course aims to teach the principles and practices of ISO 14001 third-party audits. This course could be certified by Exemplar Global.

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ISO 14006 Training - 2

 - ACS

ISO 14001 – Internal Auditor

This course aims to teach the principles and practices of effective Environmental Management System first and second-party audits.

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ISO 14006 Training - 3

 - ACS

ISO 14001 – Requirements & Documentation

The aim of this course is to provide delegates with the knowledge and skills required to understand ISO 14001 requirements and documentation.

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