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WHAT IS ISO 10004?

ISO 10004 is a guideline for customer satisfaction monitoring and measurement system. ISO 10004 customer satisfaction or customer care standards, which specify a customer satisfaction monitoring and measuring model, are intended to assist enterprises in ensuring that they satisfy the demands of consumers and other stakeholders. ISO, or the International Organization for Standardization, created this set of standards.

ISO 10004 specifies the quality management system criteria that an organization must meet in order to demonstrate its capacity to offer goods that are compliant with customer needs and applicable regulatory requirements. Organizations seeking validation for their customer satisfaction monitoring and measurement system can utilize this standard for certification and contract fulfilment. Because the ISO 10004 criteria are generic and universal, they may be implemented to any business.
Customer satisfaction measurement and evaluation steps:
To monitor and measure customer satisfaction, the organisation should define steps below: 1-Identify customer expectations; The organisation identify the customers, both current and potential, whose expectations it intends to determine. Once the “customer” group has been defined, the organisation identify the individual customers whose expectations are to be determined. 2-gather customer satisfaction data; The organisation identify the characteristics of the services, of its delivery and of the organization, which have a significant effect on customer satisfaction. 3-analyze customer satisfaction data; Once the data related to customer satisfaction has been collected, it should be analyzed to provide information, which typically includes the degree of customer satisfaction and its trend; aspects of the organization’s services or processes that might have significant impact on satisfaction; relevant information on competitors’ or comparable organizations’ services and processes; and, strengths and primary areas for improvement. 4-communicate customer satisfaction information; The information gained from the measurement and analysis of customer satisfaction data should be directed to the appropriate functions in the organisation , so that steps might be taken to improve the products and services, processes or strategies, in order to serve the objectives of the organization. 5-monitor customer satisfaction ongoing: Customer satisfaction information monitor by the organisation at defined intervals, and by the appropriate level of management. The nature and scope of information monitored is unique to the organization’s needs and goals. As one of the measurements of the performance of the management system, organisation monitors information relating to customer perception as to whether the organization has met customer requirements. The methods for obtaining and using this information include:

ISO 10004 certification is performed by independent competent auditors and experts , who have necessary experience and training in the scope of conducting audits for compliance with the requirements of ISO 10000 standard series and specifically on ISO 10004 , as well as competence in the field of activity of an organization being audited.

In case of successful completion of the certification procedure, a client receives a Certificate of Conformity, an official document, confirming that Organization’s customer satisfaction evaluation system meets the requirements provided by the ISO 10004 standard.

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