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The Earth is facing a slew of environmental issues. Global warming, air pollution, ozone layer depletion, water pollution, climate change, and a variety of other issues affect every human and animal on the globe. As a result, individuals must adjust their everyday actions to Eco design and be mindful of environmental issues and implications. The Green Award is a framework certification that assists organizations in evaluating green policies and performance in terms of environmental and sustainability. It is part of an entity's social obligation to assess green policy and strategy, green objectives, and green processes against environmental management requirements.

ACS W3Solutionz which is one of the premier accredited certification bodies for audit and certification of environmental management systems has been defined the requirements for Green Awards. It has been created to help become more green-oriented and reduce costs.

ACS green awards program have eight principles:

1-Sustainable Material(product stability), 2-Carbon footprint, 3-Waste Management, 3-Reversibility to nature, 5-Consumption of natural resources, 6-Reduce environmental pollution, 7-Training record of green principals, 8-Transparency.


Green industry living can give you bunches of benefits. You will limit your impact on the environment, alter your lifestyle, and desire a healthfuller life. The most important rationale for deciding to live sustainably is to simply safeguard the environment. It means ensuring its stability and existence for future generations. The entity is looking for simple ways to cut costs. Well, sustainable living is the best way of cutting costs.

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