Good Agricultural Collection Practice

Good Agricultural Collection Practice

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GOOD AGRICULTURAL AND COLLECTION PRACTICE (GACP) is a quality assurance system for medicinal plants that is primarily designed to give broad technical assistance on collecting high-quality medicinal plant materials for the long-term manufacturing of herbal goods classed as medicines. Herbs, herbal ingredients, herbal preparations, and completed herbal products are all examples of herbal remedies.

The safety and efficacy of herbal therapeutic products are directly affected by quality control. Good agriculture and collection practices for medicinal plants are only the first step in quality assurance, which directly depends on the safety and efficacy of herbal medical products, and will also play an essential part in the protection of medicinal plant natural resources for long-term usage.

They apply to medicinal plant cultivation and collecting, as well as some post-harvest procedures. All applicable national and/or regional quality criteria should be met by raw medicinal plant materials. As a result, the recommendations may need to be altered based on the circumstances of each country’s situation.

The primary goals of GACP are to contribute to the quality assurance of medicinal plant materials used as a source for herbal medicines, with the enhancement of the quality, safety, and efficacy of finished herbal products; to guide the formulation of national and/or regional GACP guidelines and GACP monographs for medicinal plants, as well as related standard operating procedures; and to encourage and support the sustainable cultivation and collection of medicinal plants of high quality.


Compliance with food and agricultural law,

Improve food safety in production and distribution,

Increase business awareness of risks, food safety hazards, and critical control points,

Increase consumer confidence, supports business leadership through the direction of resources to safety-critical elements of the process,

Reduced complaints as a result of decreased risk of undesirable publicity and improved awareness to problems as a result of planned corrective action.

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