Personnel certification

Personnel certification covers the following categories of professions:

  • Specialist in respect of management systems, including Internal Auditors, Managers, Auditors/Lead Auditors, Experts-Auditors, Experts;
  • Specialist of vocational jobs, including Drivers, Welders;
  • Technical Control Specialists, including technical control of product quality;
  • Specialists and Managers for equipment reliability;
  • Inspectors, Engineers, Controllers, including Inspectors of protective coverings, Specialists in nondestructive inspection;
  • Specialists (including Experts, Experts-Auditors) in assessment (confirmation) of product conformity;
  • Specialists in catering and hospitality industry, including Pastry Chefs, Cooks, Sommelier, Head of food enterprise.

Benefits of personnel certification

  • opportunity to receive an independent quality assessment of employees’ training, level of competence, professional aptitude;
  • continual monitoring of personnel competence;
  • positive image formation;
  • opportunity to demonstrate business partners your qualification reliability;
  • recognition of personnel qualification and competence within the frameworks of global economics integration processes;
  • compliance with the requirements of international labor markets;
  • provision of psychological comfort to personnel and its motivation;
  • increase in care and respect for corporate employees;
  • increase in the demand and “price” for professionals in the labor market.