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“We provide our customers assurance that their management systems are constantly improved and assist them in achieving their declared objectives”

Our certification body takes pride in its distinctive approach, which expresses the slogan “We are approachable” in our logo. The meaning of this statement is that we extend a helping hand willingly to our current and potential customers.

We are here to help you make use of our services. We encourage you to talk freely, not only about certification, but also about matters concerning your business and how we can help you improve it and create a more effective management system.

We maintain close relationships with carefully selected organizations and individuals, many of whom runs his own consulting companies. We work very hard and effectively at maintaining our independence of all of these contacts, so that you as our client can maintain confidence that you are most important to us and our services are provided without any external pressure. Put simply, we maintain impartiality in the provision of our services.

It often happens that for various reasons you do not understand the certification process. In this situation, we encourage you to contact us for an open discussion with us. We are happy to meet with you, and during the meeting to explain any doubts. We also invite you to our office in Tashkent.

Active Certification Services LLC employs only pragmatic auditors with an empathic approach. They are carefully selected because of their experience in the industry that they have to audit. This results in a practical and ‘to the point’ audit conducted in an atmosphere of mutual understanding. We strongly believe that the audit should bring tangible benefits to the organization, resulting in the improvement of management system.

We can boast of highly satisfied customers across a broad range of certificates issued. A friendly approach and aversion to bureaucracy have led to unprecedented growth through satisfied customers of Active Certification Services LLC.

We also assist clients with a flexible approach in determining the date of surveillance audits to check out the correct use of certification. During these audits, our auditor is able to suggest other, sometimes highly innovative approaches to your management system. Thanks to this approach your management system is constantly improving, and thus allows for better achievement of your business objectives.


Why Choose Us!

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Management systems certification is a procedure for confirmation of a degree of Organization’s management system conformity to requirements of a particular standard.

ACS W3 Solutionz provides the whole range of the services related to supplies of products to the territory of RF and the Eurasian Economic Union (previously – Custom Union), including:

Personnel certification covers the following categories of professions: Specialist in respect of management systems, including Internal Auditors, Managers, Auditors/Lead Auditors, Experts-Auditors, Experts;

FSC — Forest Stewardship Council®, is an international non-for-profit organization the main aim of which is to facilitate environmentally responsible, socially focused and economically viable management of forests and world’s forest resources.

Energy audit is a set of services for those enterprises and organizations that have made a decision to develop using an intensive course, decreasing irrational losses and upgrading production and management.

Extended technical audit (ETA) is a process with a help of which a competent independent Russian Register specialist (expert) collects and evaluates evidence of measurable information related to a specific economic system

Consulting services designed to assess your current level situation and identify opportunities to advance your sustainability performance.

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